How to Choose Healthy Dog Food

Your pet will eat whatever you feed him. Yes, he will get a little choosy when you continuously feed him things that dogs usually do not like to eat. Dogs’ health majorly depends on the diet they take every day. You can choose from many different dog foods and treats. Follow the suggestions explained in this post to pick healthy and delicious food for your pet.

Know your dog’s dietary demands

Dogs need different kinds of diets with growing age. Do not let your pet rely entirely on the foods you eat. Its nutritional requirements are different and follow the given tips to pick the best diet for your dog.

  • Consider your dog’s age and daily activities

Your dog’s nutrition and energy demands will change with his growth and activities. Pet experts suggest that you should change your dog’s food as he gets older. Little puppies need more calories than older dogs. Lactating and pregnant dogs also need more energy and nutrition to be healthy during this period.

  • Consider nutritional demands of your pet

Some dogs are fluffy, some are skinny, and some look quite muscular. Every dog breed has certain features. Know how a healthy dog of your pet’s breed looks. Learn how to assess your pet is fit and also learn what type of nutrients your pet must consume to be fit and healthy. You can get details online or meet a vet to know more about your pet’s nutritional demands.

  • Take the support of a vet to choose a perfect diet for your pet

The market has plenty of brands offering a variety of dog foods and diet plans. Do not let these many options puzzle you. Ask the vet about what type of diet you should choose for your pet. The pet will suggest the healthiest diet plan for your pet, which will meet his energy and nutritional demands.

How to choose nutritional dog food?

You can see many dog food ads on social media and your TV. Do not let those ads decide what your dog is going to eat. Consider the following things to choose highly nutritious foods for your pet.

  • Carefully read the dog food label to find what type of ingredients include and what type of nutrients that dog food offers. That dog food brand should be an FDA recognized as a brand.
  • Dogs do not care whether you provide them with canned food or dried food. It mainly depends on your budget. Switch to another type of food if you find your dog is sensitive to canned or dried food. Canned food is considered more nutritious, and that’s why it is more expensive.
  • Look for Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) statement on the food label. This agency offers guidelines on how to formulate and produce pet foods. This label assures that you are choosing healthy food for your pet.
  • Compare two or three dog food brands by assessing the ingredients, quantity, nutritional value, and price.
  • Look for proximate analysis label to check the amount of protein, fiber, and fat included in the packaged food.
  • Ask the retailer to provide the freshest package of pet food.

Do not leave the dog food in the unsealed packet. Pour the whole food in a box and close that box after feeding your pet. Keep canned dog food in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and nutritious.  

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