How to Discipline Your Cat or Kitten

Cats are cute and quite entertaining but never trust their innocent face. It can soon get aggressive and pretty naughty. You will think it is playing around and then you will realize it is ripping apart cushion covers, your phone, and boxes around the house. Of course, they do not know they are destroying valuable things in your home. That’s why it is your responsibility to control your cat’s actions.

Know why your cat misbehaves:

There might be some medical reasons behind the unwanted actions of your cat. Reveal that behavioral or medical reason behind the wicked behavior of your cat to learn how to control it. Some underlying health conditions also force cats to do wrong things, such as your cat may go out of its litter box due to kidney disease and urinary tract infection. You should take it to a vet whenever your cat misbehaves.

Other things you must observe are:

·        Try to reveal behavioral issues worsening your cat’s behavior. The vet will tell if any health issue is troubling your pet. It is just about behavior if there is no underlying disease. Cats can experience a lot of stress, and that stress can change their behavior. Cats feel stressed when they are new in a house, and this might force them to check things bizarrely.

·        Cats might not take certain things as misbehavior. They cannot talk, but they like to communicate. Therefore, scratching furniture can be just a sign, as their facial expression and tail positioning. Do not punish your cat and teach it alternative ways of expressing its desires.

·        Never use punishment to improve your cat’s behavior. It will merely weaken your bond with your feline companion. Use other techniques to teach it what to do and what it must not do.

·        Never hit your cat and do not yell at it. Such things will make it unhappy, and cats do not trust people who hit them. So, your cat might run away if you continue yelling and punching.

Things you can try to discipline your cat:

Try the following things to control your cat’s wicked behavior:

·        Use fun and rewards to encourage good behavior:

Rewards work a lot better than punishment. You can scare your cat, but thus you will lose its trust. Try to strengthen your bond when encouraging good behavior. Spend a long time with new cats and kittens to use most of their playtime in training. Provide small treats and rewards whenever your cat does good things. It will encourage your cats to do good things and avoid misbehavior.

·        Make unwanted conduct impossible for your cat:

Cats quickly realize what they should do and what they must avoid being safe. You can double-tap or cover your couch with aluminum foil to protect it. The cat will try to scratch it be it won’t be able to do so. It will take one or two days, and it will learn it is impossible to scratch that couch.

Your cat might also like to access its meals on its own. It might jump in the kitchen and fall things down to access its food. Let it jump and make a loud noise as it jumps. It will make its realize that it is not a good thing to do. You can try many such things to ensure your cat will not do things which you do not want it to do.

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