How to Dye Your Pet?

You might not find too much support if you have decided to dye your pet. Some experts even believe that it can be dangerous. However, there are some safe ways of changing the color of your pet’s fur. Consider these dying tips to dye your pet safely. 

Pay attention to safety

  • Do not use human hair dye: Human dying products can be harmful to pets. Harsh chemicals mixed in these products can affect the good health of your pet. 
  • Do not dye your pet if it is sick: You should wait until your loving pet gets fit. Chemicals mixed in that dye can make your pet’s health worse if its health conditions are not fine. 
  • Prefer an organic dye: Organic dye is safe for animals because it does not release harmful chemicals to affect pets’ health. 
  • Prepare organic dye at home: You can use colorful foods to prepare organic dye at home and use that dye to color your pet. 
  • Use organic chalk: Organic chalks are the best if you want to color your pet for some pictures. Use that chalk but do not rub it too harshly because it can upset your pet. 

Say no to spray paint if you want to keep your furry friend healthy. It is not designed to use on animals, and that’s why it is dangerous for every living being. 

Dying your pet

Hence you have decided to change your pet’s color, do it in the right way. Mix food coloring in the water to prepare the organic dye. It is a safer alternative to the dye used by humans. Use one cup of water to mix one drop color. It is sufficient to get perfect hues. 

  • Clean your pet. Do not dye your pet as it is. Clean your dog or cat and then move ahead. 
  • Mesh or pulverize food if you are using the paste to color your pet. Use a mixer grinder to grind dry food and then add water to get the desired color. 
  • Use latex gloves to apply color perfectly. 
  • Use the chalk directly to dump fur if you are using organic chalk to color your pet. 
  • Use a spray to apply organic color evenly. 

You can also take liquid color on your hands and then apply it gently to your dog’s fur. Do not massage because thus the color can enter into your pet’s skin. 

How to ensure the dye will remain longer?

The following suggestions will help you in maintaining your pet’s new color for a long time. 

  • Cats and dogs often lick themselves. It is how they groom without taking anybody’s support, but you should not let that happen. Your pet will remove the color if you do not control its licking actions. 
  • Keep sharp eyes on your pet to find the signs of allergic reactions. Take it to the vet if any reactions occur. 
  • Reuse the dye to color your pet if its fur’s color is fading. 

Stop dying your pet if you observe any weird change in its behavior. Some pets might not like it if someone colors their fur. 

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