How to Get Your House to Not Smell Like Your Pets?

It might not bother you if your home smell like your pets but the visitors might not feel comfortable with that smell. Suppose some relatives or guests visit your house, and they might not like to stay there for a long time. Therefore, you should try to eliminate that smell and improve the interior environment. 

Find and remove odor sources:

The first step towards removing the pet smell is cleaning the house. So, follow these tips to remove odor sources. 

  • Our pets unintentionally leave smelly trails wherever they move around the house. They often spread mud, fur, dander, and urine or feces around the house. Vacuum your house thoroughly to remove these odor-causing elements. 
  • Use an enzyme cleaner to remove old pet messes. 
  • Hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean all the carpets in your house. Spot cleaning might not work the best to remove pet odor. 
  • Cats do not like to sit on the floor. They love to jump on the couch, bed, and chairs. So, clean this furniture at least twice a week to prevent bad odor. 
  • Meet a vet to learn how many times you should give your pet a bath. Keep him clean so that your pet will not be able to spread mess across the cleaned home. 
  • Clean your pet’s bed time-to-time to provide him with a cleaner space for rest and remove unappealing odor.  
  • Change your bed sheets regularly if your pet often uses your bed for taking rest and playing games with you. 
  • Wash your pet’s toys. 
  • Wash their litter boxes daily to keep it clean and remove the bad odor of litter. 
  • Clean your pet’s cage if you have caged animals like guinea pig or parrots. 

How to eliminate bad odor around the house?

Some simple measures can help you in eliminating bad odor from your house. Those solutions are as follows:

  • Open all the windows and doors of your house to air out bad smells. Let the fresh air come in and bad odor gets removed. Run the fans if possible, to push the bad smell out of the windows. 
  • Use an air purifier to purify internal air. 
  • Use a deodorant or room freshener to make your home smell great. 

How to prevent pet smells?

The simplest way of not letting your home smell like pets is cleaning the whole house regularly. Prepare a cleaning routine and follow that routine daily to remove the mess spread by your pets. Other solutions you might like to implement are:

  • Monitor your pets for their movements and clean their mess immediately to prevent bad smell. 
  • Clean your pet’s bed, toys, and other accessories daily to keep them clean. 
  • Groom your cat and dogs daily. 
  • Train your pets to wipe their paws or do it yourself before they get inside the house. 
  • Equip your furniture with washable covers. 
  • Empty and clean that litter box daily to maintain a clean atmosphere inside your property. 

These solutions will help you in maintaining a fresh environment inside your house, even if you have many pets there. 

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