How to Keep Pets off the Furniture

It might seem like an impossible task to do, but you can prevent your furry friends from using your furniture. They should know that expensive furniture belongs to you and the guests who visit your house. Do not let get territorial over your couch, bed, or other furniture because they will not leave any opportunity of marking their territory. So, implement the following suggestions to keep your pets off the furniture. 

Provide some appealing alternatives

Your pet might probably not use your furniture if it gets its own furniture. The following alternatives will be the best for your pet’s enjoyment and comfort. 

  • Provide your pet with a comfy bed: Do not let your pet sleep on your couch. Get a separate bed designed to comfort dogs. Train your cat or dog to use that bed. The initial response might not be as you have planned, but you will get positive results very soon.
  • Buy a condo for your cat: Cats love to climb and explore. They also love to jump across the couch, shelves, chairs, tables, and all the furniture you have at home. So, get a small condo for your cat, which it can explore and use to take rest. 
  • Let your pet use one furniture: Your pet might not like it if you forcefully remove it from a couch. So, what to do in order to control their bad behavior? You should designate one piece of furniture, especially for the cat or dog. 
  • Lure pets out of furniture by using treats: Use your pet’s favorite treats to keep him out of bed and furniture. 
  • Confine your pet: You might not like it, but this lesson is important if your pet keeps climbing back on the furniture. That cage will remind him where to sit and jump. 

Make your furniture less desirable

There are certain ways of making furniture less desirable, which are as follows:

  • Do not put food on furniture: You should change your habit of eating on the couch or chair. Do not leave your food there because it lures pets. 
  • Apply double-sided tap: The best way of keeping pets off the furniture is using double-sided tape. Apply this tap on a cheap mat and place that tap on the furniture. It will glue to your pet’s paws if it jumps over the furniture, and your cat or dog will remember that experience forever. 
  • Use aluminum foil: Pets don’t like aluminum foil, and you can use it to keep them off the furniture. 
  • Block the access: It is not a reliable solution, but you should give it a try. Your pets won’t even think about using your couch if they cannot jump over it. 
  • You can also use a booby trap to keep the pets away from furniture when you are not at home. 

Teach some new and necessary command

Pets do not refuse to do something if you train them. You can train your pet to get off the furniture in the following way. 

  • Observe your pet and say off. Provide some treats as it gets off the furniture. 
  • Appreciate its efforts when your cat or dog responds to your command. 

Provide alternative ways of using accumulated energy. Let your pets play out so that they can use their energy in other things instead of jumping around the furniture. 

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