How to Leave Your Pets Alone While on Vacation?

Pets are like kids whom you do not want to leave at home when going on a vacation. Unfortunately, you cannot take your pet everywhere you go. Therefore, you should look for ways of keeping your pets as comfortable as possible at home. Do not plan a long vacation because it can badly hurt social animals like dogs. You can try the following solutions to ensure your pet will be safe and happy when you are on holiday. 

Prepare your pet

Every pet, whether it is a cat, a dog, or another social animal, has different demands. Some of them enjoy being alone, and some miss their owners a lot. It can be challenging to leave your pet alone if it has medical conditions or lots of social interactions. You should recognize what your pet needs and prepare to fulfill those needs before leaving the house. 

  • Start your preparation two weeks before the vacation. Leave your pet alone at home for long periods to keep him mentally prepared. 
  • Jot down all the instructions regarding feeding, walking, and other things related to your pet if you are leaving him at your friend’s house. 
  • Take your pet to the vet before you leave. The vet will check its health conditions to ensure it will do great when left alone. 

Taking care of a dog

Dogs do not like it when you leave them at home alone. A pet sitter can take care of your dog and keep him entertained when you are not at home. You do not need a full-time pet sitter. Meet an experienced person and schedule his/her visits to fulfill your pet’s demands.  

  • You can ask your neighbor or friend to check your dog if you are not hiring a pet sitter. 
  • Prefer taking your pet to an International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA) certified kennel to ensure better safety. 
  • Look for home boarding if such facility is available in your town. There will be a few animals to play with your pet, and thus your pet will not feel alone. 

How to take care of other animals?

Dogs are the most common pets, but people also love to pet other animals. The following tips will help you in taking care of other pets during your vacation. 

  • Take your caged animal to a pet sitter or friend’s home to ensure they will get their food on time. 
  • Always try to relocate your pet in a place similar to your home. It will keep your pet happy and calm. 
  • It is great for your cat or birds to stay at home when you are out. So, ask a pet sitter to take care of your cats and birds at home. 
  • Kennel is also a safe solution if you are out of all the other options. 

Leaving your pet at home

Your pet can spend time at home if you are leaving just one or two days. Provide your pet with the following things to ensure it will be safe and comfortable. 

  • Take care of your pet’s comfort and provide food, water, and other necessary things. 
  • Make your home pet-proof by removing everything that may hurt it. 
  • Get an automatic feeder to provide your pet with his regular meals on time. 
  • Use a pet camera to monitor your pet’s movements at home. 

These solutions will help you in keeping your pet safe and comfortable at home when other solutions are not feasible.

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