How to Move with Pets?

People do not like moving because it suddenly increases chores and stress levels. It can be equally traumatic for your cat, dog, or other pets. You should have a plan for the pet-friendly transition to keep your loving pets safe and comfortable. 

How to prepare for the move

Let’s begin with planning a schedule to move. Consider everything in advance to execute your plans perfectly on schedule. It will allow you to take the best possible care of your pets when you are packing and preparing to move. Other things you must do before moving are:

  • Contact your vet and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Take the support of the vet to find another good vet in your new location. Do not bother him if you are not moving too far from your current location. 
  • Make sure you are moving to a pet-friendly house. It will be great if you can find a house with a backyard where your pet can play. 
  • Make the flight reservations directly with the airline if you are commuting to a new location via a flight. The airline will provide small carriers for your pets. 
  • Your pet might flee because of stress and constant movement around the house before boarding. So, it will be great if you keep your pet in a pet kennel till the day you move. 
  • Groom your dogs at least a week before you move. 
  • Pick the best root if you are driving to the new destination. Make sure this rout provides food, water, and other facilities for you and the pet. 
  • Prepare a list of things your pet usually use throughout the day and keep those things in your car for your pet. 
  • Keep your pet entertained during this stressful period. You may be busy with packaging and making other arrangements, but you should spend at least 30 minutes with your pet to keep him calm and comfortable. 

What to do on a moving day?

Pets feel stressed and uncomfortable when things start changing around them. You should try to follow the regular schedule to encourage good behavior. Take your pet to a walk on his regular time and don’t miss your pet’s meals. Other important things you should not forget are:

  • Inspect the new accommodation before taking your pet there. Look for things that may harm your pet and remove those things before bringing your pet there. 
  • Keep your dog or cat in a cage until your new house is pet-safe. 
  • Spread your cat or dog’s toys around to make him comfortable in the new premise. 
  • Spend more time with your cat or dog to ensure everything is fine until your pet gets familiar with the new property. 
  • Update their ID tags as soon as possible. 
  • Make your new yard dog or cat-proof. 
  • Look for other animals around to ensure your pet will not engage with them. 
  • Let the outdoor cats get acclimatized before taking them outside. 

All these things are essential to keep pets happy after moving to a new location. You may already be too busy in other chores, but do not ignore your pets in such a stressful time. It is troubling experience for them, and you can turn it into a pleasant experience by following the suggested solutions.  

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