How to Pet a Cat?

Cats are smart, they look cute, and they can be quite aggressive. It might seem simple to pet a cat, but you must know what to do and what you should not do when petting a cat. These things will help you in establishing a healthy relationship with your cat.

Use scratches to express your love

Cats love to be scratched because it makes them feel comfortable. It can help you a lot if you have got an adult cat. It will be aggressive most of the time, and the following scratches will help you in establishing a strong bond with your pet.

  • Gently rub your cat’s chin. Cats often jut out their chin or push their face down, which reveals they are enjoying this soft chin-scratch.
  • Use your fingers to rub your cat behind his ears gently. It is a scent-making spot that cats love to get scratched. Your cat will bum his head against you to show his affection.
  • Gently rub your cat’s cheeks right behind his whiskers. He will enjoy that scratch and ask for more scratch by rotating those whiskers forward.
  • Rub the back of your hand around cat’s mustaches to show your love. Your cat will also rub its face on your side to show its affection. t
  • Slowly stroke your cat from its forehead to tail to assure you are around, and she is safe.

Let your cat make the first move

Dogs love it when their owner holds them and pets them. Cats are always a little cautious. Therefore, you should know how to approach your cat to make it feel comfortable around you.

  • Let your cat sniff you before you make any move to hold or pet it. They feel comfortable when you give them some time to be comfortable around you and then you can play with your cat.
  • Let your cat bump its head against you. It shows that she wants your attention and probably some soothing scratches.
  • Let it jump into your lap and then pet once. Now, wait for a while. Rub on those particular scratching points if she fidgets.
  • Stroke when it is taking rest around you.
  • Learn what noises your cat makes in different situations. It will help you know when your cat wants to play, go out, eat, and relieve itself.
  • Do not pet your cat forcefully because she will get aggressive. So, look for those warning signs to keep your cat under control.

Things you should not do

It is suitable for your and cat’s safety to learn things which you should never do with your cat. Those things are as follows:

  • Always pet a cat from head to tail. Do not change the petting direction because cats do not like it.
  • Most of the cats do not like patting. They love scratching. So, avoid patting because your cat may react in quite a weird manner.
  • Do not touch your cat’s belly when she is taking rest. Dogs love to get scratched on this spot, but cats do not like it. So, beware of belly patting or scratching.
  • Do not touch your cat’s paws if she is new. Even little kittens do not like it. Your cat will let you brush its paws after getting comfortable around you.

So, these are some essential things you should know about cats. Yes, they are quite cautious but also quite entertaining. That’s why many people love cats.

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