How to Communicate With Your Dog?

Dogs show their love and loyalty in various ways. Unfortunately, they can only express until you do not teach them how to communicate and understand what you are trying to say. You should learn your dog’s signals, and you should also learn how to react to your voice, gestures, hand movements, and other signs you make.

It might initially seem impossible to communicate if it is your first pet, but you can do it.

Understand your dog’s behavior

Know what are your dog’s mannerisms, habits, and movements by observing it as long as possible. It will help you in learning your pet’s communicational behavior. You will reveal many things, such as when he wants food, go out when he wants to play when he is feeling bored, and when your pet is not feeling well. Spend a long time with your pet when he is new at your home to know more about his behavior.

Dogs also always learn about your behavior. Their movement can reveal many things, such as:

  • Your dog is happy around you when he is wagging his tail fast, and he is a bit cautious when wagging his tail slowly.
  • It wants to appease you when he is rolling over and showing that belly.
  • Your pet will hold his tail in an abnormal position when it wants to relieve itself.

There are many such signs you will notice if you spend more time with your pet. So, be around it and observe its movements, gestures, and actions to learn more about its behavior.

How to read your dog’s body language

Dogs know how to reveal their emotions by holding their body in different positions. They can express when they are tired, excited, angry, and afraid. The following tips will help you in learning a lot about your pet’s body language.

  • Recognize your pet’s stances and postures he makes when he wants to play.
  • Know how your pet behaves when feeling discomfort and uneasy. He might pace around when experiencing pain and raise his hackles when feeling scared. They use many such signs to reveal their emotions.
  • Learn what warning signs your pet make when he is getting aggressive.

Knowing these things will help you in assessing your pet’s moves in advance so that you can treat it better in different situations.

How dogs use face and head signs to communicate

Dogs use their ears and face very well to communicate with their owners and strangers. Check the following tips to know how to recognize your pet’s face and head signals.

  • Know how your dog uses his ears to reveal when it is assessing the threat when he wants to play, and when he is feeling unhappy.
  • Your dog can use his eyes in various ways to signal warning, happiness, sadness, aggressiveness, and their fear. Know how your pet positions his eyes in different situations to make it feel comfortable around you.
  • Observe your pet’s facial expressions, and you will learn about different faces your pet makes in different situations. You can recognize when your pet is happy by watching that smiley face.

There are a lot of things dogs do to communicate with humans and other dogs. They use their whole body to communicate with their owners. You need to learn what your dog is trying to say. It may take some time, but you will soon discover a lot of exciting things about your loving pet.

How to House Train Your Dog

It might seem challenging to train your puppy or adult dog at home, but it is not impossible. You can train any dog at home. You can teach it to relieve itself outside, wait at the door, command to sit, run, and how to react when he has to relieve itself. Continue reading to learn how to train your dog at home.

Set up a routine

Pet owners love their cute puppies and dogs but not the mess they spread at home. The first thing you would like to teach your dog is relieving itself outside. So, take it out frequently. Take a walk with your dog as often as you can to show it where to do his job and where not to do.

  • Teach your dog that he cannot eat whenever he wants. It will be quite helpful if you put this habit from an early age. Choose a morning time for morning meal at least 30 minutes before taking it out. Follow the same strategy for the evening meal.
  • Dogs also show some signs that it is time to go out. You should learn those signs to recognize when your dog is going to relieve itself. His tail will be in a weird position, he will sniff around the home, and he will walk stuffily. It is the time when you should take your dog out to teach it where to do that thing.
  • Do not take your dog to different locations. Choose a spot and take it to that spot time-and-again so that he can learn it is the place where he must relieve itself.
  • Spend more time with your pet when he is new. Help it in determining what you want it to do and provide small treats whenever he follows your order.
  • Keep it in a crate when you are not at home or when you are sleeping to ensure he will not spread the mess around.

Making your dog an obedient and loyal pet

Every dog is, by default, loyal. He needs to learn that you are his human, and he will never leave you throughout his life. Loyalty alone is not enough when it comes to turning a small puppy or a new dog into an obedient and well-behaving pet. Follow the below-explained tips to make it a perfect pet:

  • Provide your pet with a treat whenever he goes outside for relieving itself. It is called positive reinforcement method that works exceptionally well on dogs.
  • Do not miss the right occasion to reward your pet. Give it that treat right after he finishes his job at that same spot on his own.
  • You can ring a bell or chime instead of offering gifts to let your dog know that he has done the right thing. Couple that bell or chime with a treat to make it learn it is a reward.
  • Always be friendly with your pet when teaching it new things.
  • Never punish your pet if you want it to be a functional and attractive pet.

Paper training dog in an apartment

You can teach your dog to do his job on a paper in the apartment if you cannot take it outside because you spend your day in the office and do not want it to create a mess around. Spread a paper in your apartment and take your dog to that spot for relieving itself.

Provide treats when your pet follows the same routine. That’s how your pet will learn the most important lesson.

How to Get Dogs to Gain a Healthy Weight

It is not reasonable if your dog is losing weight. It can be due to an undiagnosed health issue or also because your dog is not getting the required nutrition. Some healthy pets can also be overweight or underweight. Take your pet to the vet and then follow the below-explained tips to get your dog to gain weight.

Diagnose if your dog is underweight

Your pet can lose or gain weight due to many reasons. You should weight your pet every week to keep track of it. Thus, it will be easier to reveal whether your pet is gaining weight or losing it. The vet might also need this information to assess your pet’s health conditions.

  • Consult a vet: Discuss your dog’s health condition with a vet if he is losing weight. Let the vet diagnose what illness or parasite is causing this problem. Weight loss in dogs can occur due to hepatitis, cancer, diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease. The vet can offer a quick cure if any of these health issues are affecting your pet’s life.
  • Know what your pet’s ideal weight is: The vets use body conditioning scoring (BCS) to evaluate a dog is overweight, underweight, or perfect. Your dog is healthy if you can feel its ribs, see its waist, and outline of the bones is not visible. These signs will not be there if your dog is too thin.
  • Deworm your dog: Let the vet perform a fecal test to diagnose intestinal parasites. Provide the required medicines to deworm your pet.
  • Prepare a good exercise plan for your pet: Yes, dogs look fit and impressive when they are fit. They also do specific exercises to improve their physical strength and appearance. Take a vet’s support to prepare a rigorous workout plan for your pet and then follow that plan to keep your pet fit. Let your dog run, swim, jump, and play to keep him flexible and fit.

Add more calories to your dog’s daily diet

Provide your dog with more meal in its daily diet to provide him with additional calories for weight gain. You can also add a feed in your pet’s daily diet to increase his calorie intake. Make sure the changes in your dog’s daily diet do not cause adverse effects on his health.

  • Read food label carefully to reveal how many calories per cup serving offers. The label will also explain what types of ingredients are used to prepare the dog food. Ask the vet about your pet’s nutritional demands and get some suggestions on nutritious dog foods.
  • Mix healthy human food into your dog’s food to improve the nutritional value of food.
  • Provide your dog with different types of foods to know what kind of food can help your dog in getting fitter faster.

Always add water to dry food so that your pet can eat his meal conveniently. These changes in your dog’s diet will help him in gaining weight faster. He will soon look healthier and fitter than before.

How to Choose Healthy Dog Food

Your pet will eat whatever you feed him. Yes, he will get a little choosy when you continuously feed him things that dogs usually do not like to eat. Dogs’ health majorly depends on the diet they take every day. You can choose from many different dog foods and treats. Follow the suggestions explained in this post to pick healthy and delicious food for your pet.

Know your dog’s dietary demands

Dogs need different kinds of diets with growing age. Do not let your pet rely entirely on the foods you eat. Its nutritional requirements are different and follow the given tips to pick the best diet for your dog.

  • Consider your dog’s age and daily activities

Your dog’s nutrition and energy demands will change with his growth and activities. Pet experts suggest that you should change your dog’s food as he gets older. Little puppies need more calories than older dogs. Lactating and pregnant dogs also need more energy and nutrition to be healthy during this period.

  • Consider nutritional demands of your pet

Some dogs are fluffy, some are skinny, and some look quite muscular. Every dog breed has certain features. Know how a healthy dog of your pet’s breed looks. Learn how to assess your pet is fit and also learn what type of nutrients your pet must consume to be fit and healthy. You can get details online or meet a vet to know more about your pet’s nutritional demands.

  • Take the support of a vet to choose a perfect diet for your pet

The market has plenty of brands offering a variety of dog foods and diet plans. Do not let these many options puzzle you. Ask the vet about what type of diet you should choose for your pet. The pet will suggest the healthiest diet plan for your pet, which will meet his energy and nutritional demands.

How to choose nutritional dog food?

You can see many dog food ads on social media and your TV. Do not let those ads decide what your dog is going to eat. Consider the following things to choose highly nutritious foods for your pet.

  • Carefully read the dog food label to find what type of ingredients include and what type of nutrients that dog food offers. That dog food brand should be an FDA recognized as a brand.
  • Dogs do not care whether you provide them with canned food or dried food. It mainly depends on your budget. Switch to another type of food if you find your dog is sensitive to canned or dried food. Canned food is considered more nutritious, and that’s why it is more expensive.
  • Look for Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) statement on the food label. This agency offers guidelines on how to formulate and produce pet foods. This label assures that you are choosing healthy food for your pet.
  • Compare two or three dog food brands by assessing the ingredients, quantity, nutritional value, and price.
  • Look for proximate analysis label to check the amount of protein, fiber, and fat included in the packaged food.
  • Ask the retailer to provide the freshest package of pet food.

Do not leave the dog food in the unsealed packet. Pour the whole food in a box and close that box after feeding your pet. Keep canned dog food in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and nutritious.  

How to Keep a Dog in Good Health

Your loyal pet will be around you for many years if you take proper care of him. Taking care of dogs is simple and quite entertaining. Your buddy needs a proper diet, some preventive care, and a loving environment to live. These things will keep him happy and active all the time.

How to maintain a proper diet

Every dog deserves to be healthy. It will be possible if you provide your dog with nutritious and well-balanced treats and dog food. It should be the main part of your pet’s regular diet. Many brands are selling dog foods.

Read all the ingredient listed on the food label to assess the quality of food. Avoid foods with common filler ingredients. You should also check how your dog reacts to new foods. Stop feeding it certain foods if your pet shows symptoms of food sensitivity, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and skin conditions. Other things you should try to provide your dog with a healthy diet are:

  • Check your dog’s weight and take a vet’s assistance to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Do not feed your dog certain human foods which may affect his health.
  • Provide your pet with healthy and delicious treats to please him.
  • Fill your pet’s bowl with fresh water to soothe his thirst.

How to groom your pet

You should groom your pet daily. It will ensure your pet looks clean, charming, and healthy. Your dog’s coat will look pretty shiny, and that is a good sign of a healthy pet. Regular grooming will allow you to find bumps, lumps, or cysts on your pet’s skin. Thus, you can take your pet to the vet before his skin conditions get worse.

Take care of following things when grooming your pet:

  • Cut your pet’s nails if you know how to do it without hurting him.
  • Daily brush your dog’s teeth.
  • Check your pet’s ears.
  • Clean your pet’s ears daily to ensure your dog will not experience an ear infection.

Things you should do to take better care of your dog

Dogs also have feelings. They know how to love and how to take care of people they love. Therefore, you should also treat your pet like a family member. Provide him with his own little house. Place a cozy bed in there so that your pet can take rest when not doing other activities.

Never chain your pet outside the house because it is a very inhuman approach to pet an animal. Take an expert’s support to make him obedient. Thus, you will not need any chain to keep him under control.

  • Take your dog for a walk two times a day. You can enjoy the morning walk or jog with your pet. Play games in which your pet can run longer. It is a kind of exercise that will keep your pet fit and healthy.
  • Teach him how to behave with strangers.
  • Take your dog to the vet for a routine health checkup. The vet will perform specific tests to make sure your pet is not developing any severe health issue.

That’s all you need to do to keep your dog healthy and happy. Every pet owner should follow these suggestions because that’s how pets can live long and make every moment of your life memorable.